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Globe Ball Valve
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Globe ball valve is an excellent choice for opening and shut-off. Ball valves are durable; they can still work perfectly after years of disuse.

A V-port Ball valve which can be referred to as a type of control valve has the best regulation performance. These valves are suitably used for fluid like fiber, tiny solid particles and slurry medium.

The body of Ball valves may be made of metals. Such as: Forged Steel Ball valves, Stainless Steel Ball valves, Alloy Ball valves, Bronze Ball valves, Cast Steel Ball valves and Carbon Steel Ball valves ect. We mainly produces Forged Steel Ball valves according to the standard of API 602 and Stainless Steel Ball valves according to the standard of API 603. We call them API 602 Forged Steel Ball valves and API 603 Stainless Steel Ball valves.The body can also be made of Non-metal Materials. For example, Ceramic Ball valves are erosion-resisting, wear-resisting, cavitation-resisting and antioxidant. Besides that, some Ball valves materials are special, like, Special Alloy Ball valves, Special Steel Ball Valves and Hastelloy Ball valves ect.Transmitting and processing of media that are heavily corrosive, Duplex Stainless Steel Ball valves or Super Stainless Steel Ball valves are usually selected to mitigate the problems for they can work well in the area with corrosive surroundings.

The Ball can be installed in the valve in two different ways, resulting in Top Entry Ball valves and Side Entry Ball valves. For Top Entry Ball valves, the Balls can be taken out, repaired and changed easily.

The body of Ball Valves can be a whole and also be modular. They are called Integral Ball valves and Split-body Ball valves. They are designed and manufactured to meet ANSI and API standard.

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